Food and Drink

There are great venues in Weston and Newbridge for food and drink.
They are friendly, local, accessible community hubs where you can find real friendship and welcome, meet your neighbours, find out what’s going on in the area, take part in shared activities, and enjoy great café food and drinks.
103 Locksbrook Road, Bath, BA1 3EN
Weston Free Church | At the roundabout at the top of Weston High Street
3 High Street, Weston
16 Brookside House, Weston and 3 Chelsea Road, Newbridge
8e Chelsea Road, Bath, BA1 3DU
9 Crown Hill, Weston, BA1 4BP
21 Newbridge Hill, BA1 3PW
1 Crown Hill, Bath, BA1 4BU
Weston High Street
Weston Hub, Penn Hill Road, Weston