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Future Weston is a Community Association of local people who feel passionately about the Weston and Newbridge area - coming together to find ways to improve our area and the lives of all of us who live here, working with other local and city-wide organisations and the local Council as needed. A number of groups have already formed.

For more information, please contact the Future Weston convenor Peter Heywood by email or one of the group coordinators

Sustainable Travel Group

As a community, we need to expand our travel options so that we aren't entirely reliant on sitting in ever growing traffic jams. This group is looking at how we can add to the choices we have in the Weston area, including safer walking and cycling, and more attractive public transport.

Coordinator: Dave Vernalls Email

High Street Group

The High Street group hope to involve residents, businesses and the Council in improvements to make the heart of Weston more attractive and accessible to everyone. Measures might include reducing through traffic, improving the pavement surfaces, introducing more greenery, and establishing a regular weekend market.

Coordinator: Guy Hodgson Email

Greener Weston Group

Trees, plants and flowers make our environment more attractive and welcoming, and encourage our wellbeing. There are opportunities to plant in new areas. And there is of course a constant need for maintenance. The more people who join this group, the more we can do. And we can help with reducing litter and encouraging recycling as well.

Coordinator: Steve Brook Email

Young People Group

There are many young people in the Weston area who need positive relationships with adults who want to support and encourage them. This group is helping this to happen.

Coordinator: Clive Bennett Email

Community and Culture Group

Our vision is to encourage more cultural activities in our area, by bringing people together around particular projects. This includes building strong relationships between local residents and the RUH, organising cultural activities and harnessing local creative talent.

Coordinator: Belinda Laws Email 

Vegetable Growers Group

If you are interested in joining a vegetable growers group, please contact Peter Heywood Email